Workplace Behaviour Modification

Correcting Workplace “Inappropriate

Touching, Language, Attitudes & Behaviours

Not addressing these issues shows that you accept & even condone bad workplace behaviours. These are Psychological issues and should be handled by a “Behaviour Modification Expert”.

Executives, managers & valued employees can make mistakes & choose bad “Attitudes or Behaviours”.
Attitude Adjustment Coaching can recover that valued employee.

Before you think of “FIRING” an employee for a bad attitude or inappropriate behaviours, please consider a small investment in Attitude Adjustment Coaching.
It can eliminate the expense of hiring new and hard to find good employees.

Strengthening Your “People Skills”

“People Skills” come in two pieces. First: Understanding “Motivation”. Second: “Influencing” that motivation. Your next step is “Talking with ME” Interested? Let’s have some coffee (My treat). Call me: Douglas Jones 506-386-5868

Building Trust & Respect

Trust & Respect have to be “Earned”. You will never receive either until you learn to “give” both unconditionally. Your “Actions & Words” will earn you both. They could destroy both as well. Choose wisely.

Empowering Employees

Only a secure person will give power to others. Empowering others also inspires them. It shows confidence in and respect for their abilities and contributions. You become a role model for Team Building and Leadership. You are becoming a Leader who will champion others.