Add to your understanding of “Employee Behaviour”. Compound your ability to “Motivate” them.

Genuine interest in better workplace “Cooperation, Commutations & Teamwork”, stimulates Loyalty and boosts productivity.

Strengthening Your “People Skills”

“People Skills” come in two pieces. First: Understanding “Motivation”. Second: “Influencing” that motivation. Your next step is “Talking with ME” Interested? Let’s have some coffee (My treat). Call me: Douglas Jones 506-386-5868

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Building Trust & Respect

Trust & Respect have to be “Earned”. You will never receive either until you learn to “give” both unconditionally. Your “Actions & Words” will earn you both. They could destroy both as well. Choose wisely.

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Empowering Employees

Only a secure person will give power to others. Empowering others also inspires them. It shows confidence in and respect for their abilities and contributions. You become a role model for Team Building and Leadership. You are becoming a Leader who will champion others.

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These "Faces" of your Company will Make/Break your “Business”

Strengthening their “Communication Skills” and “Get Along Skills” will improve your “Bottom Line”.

Here is How

My Portfolio

My background is in “Workplace Behavioural Psychology” (Workplace People Skills).

Douglas Jones Your Moderator & Presenter

I have over 30 years’ experience in training & coaching executives, managers and valued employees of mid-size and national companies focusing on improving leadership and management communication skills. These are the essential “Workplace Soft Skills”.

Empowering others to Become Better Leaders

This guide is the (How to Manual) for applying your new found Leadership Skills. It gives specific examples of the communication skills needed to “Empower the person in front of you”.

Distinguished Toastmaster

I have earned these Credentials: Distinguished “Leadership Skills” Distinguished “Presentation Skills” Distinguished “Speaking Skills” Distinguished “Teaching Skills”

What My Clients Say

Douglas Jones is an “Influencer”. He challenges our thinking and actions. He says that it is our choice to improve.

Professional Coaching

"I've known Doug for many years. He's a fine, talented and helping human being with a generous heart. He has coached me through a couple of challenging issues, always careful to listen patiently and thoughtfully - always seeking the insights and counsel that have led to important breakthroughs for me both personally and professionally. I'm grateful to him for the time he has spent with me and the value he has added to my life." David Hawkins XYZ Strategies Dieppe, N-B

David Hawkins

(Business Strategist)

Leadership Development Training

This diversified group connected on more than just a professional level. There was a personal connection and understanding of each other’s learning and growth. There was a feeling of “Trust and Respect” in the room that I have never witnessed before The resulting “Learning, Co-operating, and Personal Growth” far exceeds my normal seminar expectations. The enthusiasm for the next session is exhilarating and contagious.

Ryan Grant

(Dir Development - IGT)

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