Dealing with Difficult People

―  Do you have a valued employee with a “LOUSY ATTITUDES”?

―  Is there a person who uses “INAPPROPRIATE” touching, language or behaviours?

―  Do you have an employee who is prone to “Outbursts of Anger”?

―  Do you have a “Debbie Downer” (Always negative)?

―  Do you have a manager or supervisor who is a “BULLY”?

―  Do you have employees who seem to constantly be in “CONFLICT”?

―  Do you have an employee who thinks: “I’m indispensable, they can’t afford to fire me”

―  Is “ABSENTEEISM” measurably higher than it should be?

“Attitude Adjustment Coaching” forces an employee to realistically face 
the “CONSEQUENCES” of his or her own “WORDS & ACTIONS”

“Attitude Adjustment Coaching” will completely turn your employee’s attitude around.

I can change People’s Thinking

         (I Guarantee it)

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